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Paper Tutoring


Ernie Pyle students have free access to a tutoring platform called Paper Tutoring.

All students have access in their Clever accounts to this free program where they are able to ask a tutor to review their writing before turning it in, help them work through a math problem or help guide them through a project in many different subjects.  This program is for students in grades TK through 12 and it is completely free on-demand tutoring assistance. Please remind your students that this is available to them should they want or need any help on any assignments.  Ernie Pyle hosted a representative from Paper Tutoring at Back to School Night for the 2023-2024 school year where parents learned about the many options available to their students for help.  Use the buttons below to learn more about the Paper Tutoring program.

Who Are Paper Tutors?

How do students access 24/7 live help on Paper?

How Do Students Use PAPER's Essay Review?

Paper for Parents Webinar (Spanish)

Ernie Pyle is a PBIS School!


Ernie Pyle has been recognized by the State of California for receiving the Gold Implementation Award for being a PBIS school. Ernie Pyle students use their PAWS on campus to show our Positive Behavior Expectations. This includes, Being Proactive, Acting Respectfully and Responsibly, Making Wise Choices, and Being Safe.  On campus we know that “Our Choices Determine Our Success.”  When an action is made that requires correction restorative practices are used to help all students understand how our actions affect others.  We teach students to reflect on situations and use the “I Message” to share how the event makes us feel and ask others not to repeat the action again.  Our goal is to learn to correct behaviors and not repeat the same mistakes.  Thank you all for your continued partnership in ensuring that all of our panthers respect each other and learn from any situations that arise.

Ernie Pyle Not Tardy Party


Attendance Matters! Student attendance is paramount to their success at school.  Please be sure to communicate all absences to the school office by calling (562) 804-6528, E-Mailing, or by clicking the button below to complete the Google form to report absences

Poor attendance can influence whether children read proficiently by the end of third grade or be held back. 

By 6th grade, chronic absence becomes a leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school

When students improve their attendance rates, they improve their academic prospects and chances for graduating

Students at Ernie Pyle have the opportunity to participate in our “No Tardy Party” each trimester to celebrate their on time attendance and efforts to be at school.  We appreciate your efforts in helping your students attend school each day they are healthy enough to do so.

Thank you for your continued partnership!

Report Absences